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Q: How many miles does messi run a game?
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How many miles does a soccer player run per day?

70 Km what messi runs

How many miles does Wayne Rooney run in one game?

he averages 11.8 km per game

How many miles did Doug run while chasing Otis in westing game?

Doug ran approximately 8 miles while chasing Otis in the Westing Game.

How fast does Messi run?

Messi can run the 100m under 11 seconds but he isn't the fastest player in the world

How many miles does the average soccer player run per game?

Between 6-7 miles for Professional midfield players.

How fast can Lionel messi run?

Lionel Messi is incredibly fast on the football pitch. He is consistently pointed to as one of the fastest players in the game. There is no published time for how fast he can run 100 meters, but he is likely in the top twenty of active footballers today.

How many miles does the average rugby player run per game?

The average rugby union forward runs 4 - 5 miles per game with backs running 6 - 7 miles per game

How many miles does the average afl player run per game?

The average AFL follower runs about 15 or 16 Km's a game

How many miles does the average volleyball player run in a game?

I think that they run around 1 to 1 and a half miles a game depending on where they play.I doubt that they run that much: 300 to 1,000 yards a game.

How many miles does the AVG mid fielder run per game?

about 6 miles per game because there is only 3 sub's allowed per game and each game is 90 minutes plus they play offense and defense

How many miles does Marcelo run in one game?

Gustavo Fring dies in Breaking Bad at the end of the season

How many miles in a 30K run?

A 30K run is the equivalent to 18.6411 miles