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They are the same distance. Roughly 1600m ~ 1 mile.Swimming is a moderate intensity total body workout that concentrates more on the upper body and abdomen than lower body (legs). Running is a high intensity partial body workout that concentrates on the lower body and abdomen. Both are high-intensity cardiovascular exercises. To compare running to swimming is like comparing a sitting row to a push up: there is some overlap in the exercises but the same muscles are not used the same way.

However, if we compare the two through calories burned we find a fast swim for an hour is equal to running at 6mph for an hour given the same body weight.


Generally speaking, a human can swim about 1/4 the speed that they can run the same distance. For instance, the 100m sprint world record is about 10 seconds, while the 100m freestyle record is 46 seconds. The 1 mile running record is 3:43 (223 seconds), while the 1500m swim record is 14:34 (874 seconds). So, a 1 mile run would equal about a 400m swim, in terms of time and roughly effort required.

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Q: How many meters swimming equates to a mile running?
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