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South Koreans like football and have played in the world cup from 1990 or even earlier so lots of people do play soccer in South Korea.

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Q: How many men play soccer in South Korea?
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Who was the first Asian soccer player to play for Manchester United?

Park Ji-Sung, of South Korea.

How many people play soccer in South Africa?


Does Korea play Baseball?

Yes, South Korea does.

What is a popular sport in South Korea baseball or soccer?

I hear more about baseball then I hear soccer but they do play both a lot and frequintley but I think baseball is more popular

Do they play Starcraft in South Korea?

Yes, starcraft is very popular in South Korea.

How can Cha Du-Ri play on the South Korean soccer team if he is not born in South Korea?

Many players were not born in the country they play or played for. Including people like zidane, Boetang, veira and many more. its about citizenship and not ever playing for a previous national senior team

Does a south African play basketball?

no they play soccer(Football)

What games do they play in South Africa?


What kind of sports do people in South America play?

They play many sports, but the most dominant sport is soccer.

What do South Korea people do for fun?

They play mancala

What sports does South Americans play?

In South America they Play a lot of soccer, volleyball and basketball

What role did the UN and West powers play in the war in Korea?

They were in total support of South korea

What kind of sports do Koreans play in south Korea?


What role did religion play in Australia?

It helped change the behavior of the people in Australia for the better over time, and it was Australians who went as missionaries to South Korea. Now many people in South Korea are Christian.

What sports do South Korea play?

Knee sliding and welly wanging.

How is South Korea similar to the US?

play roblox ill give you the answer

What popular team sports do they play in North Korea?

Several popular team sports are played in North Korea, including soccer and ice hockey.

What role did the US and the UN play in the Korea war?

The U.S. and the U.N. fought on the side of South Korea against communist North Korea.

How many youth soccer players will play college soccer?

I am not sure but i think that many of them will not play college soccer for most just play at that age for something to entertain themselves with

How many people play video games in south Korea?

Almost everyone. Star Craft is practically their national sport.

Do people in Colombia South America play a lot of soccer?

yes they do

What do south African people do for fun?

They like to play soccer and quilt.

Who was the first south African soccer player to play overseas?


How many girls play soccer in the world?

Around 1,000.90 girls play soccer in the U.S.A

How many people play soccer in south America?

alot its the most popular sport in the world and the best sport in the world