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You must have at least 7 men on the line for all scrimmage plays, including punts.

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Q: How many men do you have to have on the line of scrimmage for punts?
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How many men are on the line of scrimmage in football?

There have to be at least 7 men on the line of scrimmage for the offense. There are no requirements for the defense.

How many men must be in a down position on the line of scrimmage?

On the offensive side, nobody has to be in a down position on the line of scrimmage, but there must be six men on the line. The defense does not have any regulations as to where they must line up on the line of scrimmage.

How many men can be on the line of scrimmage?

There is no limit only a minimum

What is the minimal amount of players on line of scrimmage?

there must be 7 men on the line of scrimmage, no more no less

How many men must be on the line of scrimmage in football before the ball is snapped?

Seven on offense. No requirements for the defense

Can you have more then 7 men on the line?

Yes, the offensive team must have at least seven players on the line of scrimmage in NFL football.

If a player is in possession of the ball and kick it out of play is this unsporting conduct and a bookable offense?

If you are behind the line of scrimmage it will just be recorded as a punt, and possession will change at the point it went out of bounds (although there may also be a penalty for ineligible downfield if you have receivers (other than the two men on the end of the line) beyond the line of scrimmage). If you punted it after you had gone beyond the line of scrimmage, that would be a penalty. It is also a penalty to deliberately kick a ball you are not in possession of (ie. a fumble).

What is a covered tight end?

A covered Tight End is a Tight End with a Wide Receiver outside of him on the line of scrimmage. If you want a Tight End eligible for a pass, he must not be covered up by another player since the only eligible receivers are those with the correct number (not 50-79) who are either in the back field or the last men on the line of scrimmage. Therefore having a player outside of the Tight End on the line of scrimmage is "covering" him up. A covered Tight End is legal for run and pass as long as the covered Tight End is not going out for a pass.

How many football players are reguired on the field for each team?

The offense has to have at least seven men on the line of scrimmage. There are no such requirements for the defense. So although you'd never see it happen, there could theoretically be as few as seven people on the field.

Can eight men be online of scrimmage in football?

Yes. Must have a minimum of 7

What does the abbreviation PF mean in football?

PF probably means punt formation. This is a formation in which you have (normally) 2 gunners lined up on the outsides who's job is to be the first ones to reach the punt receiver and hopefully tackle the receiver, or down the ball as close to the goal line as possible. The remaining 8 men will line up on the line of scrimmage similar to a regular formation (not all 8 will be literally on the line of scrimmage) whos job it is to block long enough for the punter to make a successful punt, after which they assist in punt coverage. I would imagine that could also be a typo for FP, which would be forward pass. What is the context in which it was used? Can you provide more information?

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What is the penalty for not enough players on the football field?

In American football, there is no penalty for not enough players on the field for a play. Should there be too many players on the field, there is a penalty called for illegal participation (five yards). But if a team has too few, there is no penalty called. There technically is no penalty for having too few players on the field. However, the offense always has to have at least seven men on the line of scrimmage and an eligible receiver on each end of the line. If the offense didn't meet this requirement, they would be flagged for an illegal formation.

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What is the difference between the NFL and CFL?

NFL: There are 4 downs. There are 11 men per team on the field at one time. The field is 100 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide. The endzones are 10 yards long. The goalposts are at the back of the endzone, so there is no point if you miss a field goal, and there is no return unless the field goal is short. Defensive players can line up right to the line of scrimmage. A team can scrimmage from within the one-yard line. There is a fair catch rule; the punt receiver may elect not to try to return the ball. The intentional grounding penalty only applies if the quarterback is within the tackle zone (in between his two offensive tackles) The offensive unit has 40 seconds to put the ball into play from the signal of the referee. CFL: There are 3 downs. There are 12 men per team on the field at one time. The field is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide. The end zones are 25 yards long. The goalposts are at the front of the end zone, and if the ball goes into the end zone at any point in the game and is not returned, the opposing team gets a point. However a player can return the ball out of the endzone if he chooses to. Defensive players may not go closer to the line of scrimmage than one yard. As a result, teams may not scrimmage from within their opponents' one-yard line. There is no fair catch rule; the team receiving the punt must field the kick and try to run it back (or kick it back). However, every member of the kicking team except the kicker and anyone onside of him may not go closer to the punt receiver than five yards. The intentional grounding penalty applies if the quarterback throws the ball and there is no receiver around and it does not pass the line of scrimmage. The offensive unit has only 20 seconds to put the ball into play after the signal from the referee.

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3 downs in Canada 20 seconds to put ball into play from referees signal field width, 65 yards field length, 110 yards end zone, 20 yards unlimited motion allowed in offensive backfield 12 men on the field full yard neutral zone separating offensive and defensive line at line of scrimmage no fair catch of punts, opposing players must remain five yards away from punt receiver until he has fielded the ball. A single point awarded for any punt, or missed field goal that goes into the end zone and is not returned across the goal line. A 3 minute warning, time stops after every every play and starts at the referees signal. one foot in bounds for legal catch

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