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Q: How many men coach in the WNBA?
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When was WNBA Coach of the Year Award created?

WNBA Coach of the Year Award was created in 1997.

Where is Jim Davis former Clemson coach coaching now?

He is the Assistant Coach for the Minnesota Lynx, a WNBA team.

How big is a WNBA court?

Same size as the men's

How many women go to the WNBA a year?

there are about 70 women who get drafted into the wnba a year.

How many minutes are in a WNBA quarter?

There are 10 minutes in each of the four quarers in a WNBA game.

Why they say that basketball is for men only?

Then they are wrong. Basketball is for men and women. That is why they have the NBA and WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association).

Duke's men basketball coach?

Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Who is the best men's college basketball coach ever?

Many say it is John Wooden.

Who would win between NBA and WNBA?

Nba by 2200. Men are just more althetic.

What is Nancy Lieberman most noted for?

Nancy Lieberman is most noted for a great many things; she made her debut as a WNBA star but then went on to become a head coach and broadcaster for ABC, NBC, and even ESPN.

How many WNBA teams does California have?


How many minutes in a WNBA quarter?