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i believe it is 25 but i might be wrong

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โˆ™ 2009-04-19 01:01:33
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Q: How many men can be on a Low A Professional Baseball Team?
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How many baseball players are there in baseball?

most teams in the mlb carry around 40 to 60 only playing 9 starters. In little league there is usually 12 to 13 on a team .. Each MLB team has a 40 man roster and 25 of them are active at the MLB level. There can be over 150 in the six levels of baseball for each of the 30 teams. 25 at each level Rookie Low A High A AA AAA MLB That makes 6 X 25 X 30 = 4500 professional baseball players

Which is a higher level of baseball AA or AAA?

If you are talking professional baseball, AAA is one step below the major leagues. AA is 2 steps and so forth. Many teams have multiple single A teams (a high end and low end)

Do bat baoys in baseball get paid?

They usually get a fairly low salary, but yes, they do get paid. However, not all do, because some team have volenteer bat boys many games, who DONT get paid.

Why do some cities have two teams in the same sport while many other cities have no professional team?

Cities with Two Teams, Cities with NoneIt all comes down to money. Some large urban centres (New York, Los Angeles and Chicago) have such a large populations that they can sustain two sports teams, like the Yankees and Mets, or the White Sox and Cubs. Other smaller cities, for example Memphis, have such a low population in comparison the the others that they can not even sustain 1 professional sports team. Take baseball for example, the yearly salaries for the average baseball team is about 70-80 million per year. The average stadium holds 38-60 thousand people per game, for Memphis that's about 10% of the population. Chances are that a baseball team in Memphis would not sell enought tickets or merchandise to break even. Given this there is no reason for investors to put money down in smaller cities.

How many number of players are on a volleyball team?

The number of players on a volleyball often depends on the team. It can be as low as six, which is the neccessary amount of players, or as high as 16.

How many soccer players are on the field?

A professional soccer game is 11 on 11Every team is allowed to have 3 substitutes throughout the game (depends on the league rules). Check out ABMarketPlace dot com they have squads, rules and soccer equipment for a low price.Answereleven from one team. twenty two in all. one goalie and ten field players per team.22 at the same time two teams . A TEAM IS 11 + the opposition

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If you are a baseball pitcher, you want a low era. ERA stands for earned run average, meaning how many runs were scored on you. You want low one because no pitcher wants people to score on them.

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