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In beach volleyball there are two players. In indoor volleyball there are six players.

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Q: How many members play volleyball?
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In the game of volleyball are three members permitted to play or touch the ball?

no. only 2

How many people play on a volleyball court?

on one team 6 people play on a volleyball court but all together 12 people play on a volleyball court

How many players are there in a volleball team?

Official volleyball rules state that there may be 18 members on a volleyball team, only six of whom can be in play at one time. Volleyball was created by William G. Morgan in 1895, and has undergone numerous changes in its over 100 years of play.

What countries besides the US play volleyball?

There are many countries play volleyball besides the US. I think almost all the countries play volleyball, but besides US, Japan, England, China and Canada also play volleyball~

How many girls play volleyball?


How many members on a volleyball team?

there can be as many members as the coach wants but there are only 6 players at a time on the court.

How many people can play in a game of volleyball?

as many as you would like but in a real volleyball game 6 on each team and there is 2 teams so 12 people can play in a game of volleyball.

Can you play volleyball and cheerleading?

Yes you can play as many sports as you want.

Do you have be a age to play volleyball?

To play for schools, volleyball usually starts in Middle School but I took camps in third grade and people can play volleyball all their lives because there are many leagues.

How many sets do they play in Olympic volleyball?


How many Americans play volleyball?

It is about 1,000,000 people

What is the function of a volleyball?

You play volleyball with it!

What does a volleyball referee do?

play volleyball

How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball

How many players play in the game of volleyball?

In indoor volleyball there are six players on the court. In beach, outdoor volleyball there are two players.

What is a volleyball court?

A volleyball court is a court where you play volleyball.

How many people in the world play volleyball?

every 2/3 people will have physically hit a volleyball

How many points do you need to win a game of volleyball?

It's 2, I play volleyball, I should know.

How many players are on one team in beach volleyball?

Two people play on a beach volleyball team.

How many points do you need to be ahead by to win a volleyball game?

1, I play volleyball, I should know.

Is there any hot Girl that play volleyball?

Many. Volleyball can be very strenuous and increase body temperature.

What is the Equipment and Facilities used in volleyball?

There are many types of equipment that is used in volleyball. This includes the volleyball and the net that separates the two teams that play.

What sport has six members?


Why can't guys play volleyball?

Guys can play Volleyball, there is even a men's Olympic Volleyball team!

How many sets do they play in womens volleyball?

Three out of five