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11 member plus replacesment

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Q: How many members in a football team?
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How many members to play football?

In "American" football, a team is comprised of 11 members.

How many members does Glentoran have on its team?

The Glentoran Football Club is a storied semi-professional Irish football team many members of which have continued on to play at the professional level. It currently fields 27 main members and 6 members in its back-up team.

How many members on a fotball team?

On a football team there are 11 people on the pitch playing and some are having a rest.

How many members of the 1966 English football team were actually born in England?

All of them

What movie has a football player shooting another football player?

You may be thinking of Gridiron Gang, where a prison makes a football team, where there are many gang members. That is a good movie!

How many members does a American football team have?

The active roster for an NFL team is 53 players not including those on the injured/reserve or the practice squad.

Who were the Members of 1975 Football team?

tom smith

What is the difference between tackle and flag football?

in tackle football you tackle the other team in flag football you have to pull the other team members flags off of there belt

Value of a 1968 Kansas City Chiefs team autographed football?

We currently have for sale on eBay (, a 1968 AFL football autographed by 44 members (out of 50) of the Oakland Raiders team and a 1972 NFL football autographed by 44 members (out of 52) of the LA Rams team. The bidding starts at $2,500.00 for the Raiders autographed football and $980 for the LA Rams football. Check them out!

Where is the Corinthians football team located?

The Corinthians football team is located in Brazilia. The club was founded 1910 by five railworkers, members of a football club. They got their first double in 1999.

How many peope are in a football team?

they is 11 with 6 subs hi its jay bleasdale how many goalkeepers in a football team how many goal keepers in a football team

How many members in a team pursuit?

4 members in a team pursuit.

How do you write a short proposal asking approval from college sports committee to start a new football team?

Certain questions would have to be answered. Why does the college need a new football team? How many people do you know who would like to become members of such a team? Who is going to pay for the football uniforms? Would you expect to be able to compete with other college football teams? Have you chosen a name for the team? Who would be the coach of the new team? Who will pay the coach's salary?

How many players are in NCAA football?

12,600 120 D1A Teams X 105 Members per team = 12,600

How many player on each football teaM?

on a regular football team, there are 11

How many members does carlton football club have?

how many members dose carlton have

Do the Chicago Bears play football?

Yes, they do. The Chicago Bears are a professional football team based in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the National Football League (NFL).

How many fans follow Buffalo Bills football?

The Buffalo Bills are a professional football team based in Buffalo, New York and are members of the East Division of the AFC. Their stadium has a capacity of 73,079 but they are followed by many more fans worldwide.

What football team has the most paid up members in the world?

Liverpool r the best

How Many team are petrified in world Cup Football?

How Many team are petrified in world Cup Football

How many members are on a snowboarding team?

There are 18 members on the Olympic winter 2010 team

How many members in ahocky team?

A field hockey team consists of 11 members

How many members in a hocky team?

A field hockey team consists of 11 members

How many are there in a team?

there are 11 people in a football team

What division do the Bears play in?

The Chicago Bears are an American football team from Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the National Football Conference in the North division.