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100 000 000 users

Now it is at least 120 000 000 users (06-Aug-2011).

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Q: How many members does linkedin have?
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Is it possible to export emailadresses of LinkedIn Group members to csv?

Not any more. The ability to export member list from a LinkedIn group was turned off in April 2009. LinkedIn states this was to increase privacy of users information.

Where are LinkedIn members mostly coming from?

Half of LinkedIn members come from the United States, but the other half come from 200 other countries around the world. The median age of LinkedIn users is 41, 80% of them have a college degree, and 63% of them are men. These users are mainly professionals either looking for employers or employees.

How many people use facebook and LinkedIn?

Facebook has about 700 million active users. LinkedIn i have no idea. Sorry

What is LinkedIn's population?

The population of LinkedIn is 2,011.

What is linkedin used for?

LinkedIn has more than 380 million members, its a great platform for professional networking, business, and marketing.People use it for business marketingAttract Business ClientsIncrease brand awarenessConnect with target market

A number for linkedin?

can anyone give me a number for "linkedin"

Which is the site from which you can send a message to many companies?

You can do this on LinkedIn but there are many other websites

Should i say regarding your message at LinkedIn or regarding your message on LinkedIn?


Is it free to download LinkedIn?

Yes, the Linkedin app is free to download.

What Are LinkedIn Groups & How Are They Useful?

Just like any other social media group, LinkedIn groups are small hubs where like-minded professionals collaborate and interact in micro-communities. They discuss relevant topics and talk about things that can benefit most of the members of a group. you can run group campaigns using linkedin which will allow you tu send messages to the people in same group and you can export data of those group members using linkedcamp.

How old do you have to be to go on LinkedIn?

According to Linkedin's User Agreement- a user is eligible to join Linkedin if he/she is 18 years old or older.

What is the symbol for LinkedIn Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for LinkedIn Corporation in the NYSE is: LNKD.

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