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7 medals

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Q: How many medals have Apollo Ohno won in his Olympic career?
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How many medals has Apolo Ohno won?

2 (Olympic Medals)

How many medals has Apollo Anton Ohno won?


How many gold medals has Apolo Ohno won?

2 (Olympic Medals)

How many gold Meadels has Apollo Ohno won?

Short track speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno has won 2 Olympic gold medals. 1) 1500 meters at the 2002 Games in Salt Lake City. 2) 500 meters at the 2006 Games in Turin. He has also won 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals for a total of 7 Olympic medals won.

What us athlete won the most winter olympic medals?

Apolo Ohno (8).

Which US winter olympic athlete has the most number of medals?

Apolo Anton Ohno has the most winter olympic medals for the United States at 8 and counting.

Which athlete has won the most winter Olympic medals?

Ole Einar Bjørndalen has won the most Winter Olympic medal with 13 total medals. The American with the most Winter Olympic medals is Apolo Anton Ohno with 8 total medals.

Which U.S Men Speed Skaters have one Olympic Gold Medals?

One of them was Apollo Ohno (or Onho) for SURE. . . There's this one other guy but I don't remember his name.Hope I helped a little!

Who holds the American record for the most winter olympic medals with six?

Prior to 2010, Bonnie Blair had 6 Olympic gold medals. Apolo Ohno broke that record by winning 8 total medals.

What person name won the us the most gold medals?

Apollo Anton Ohno-7 as of 2-21-2010

In what year did Apolo Ohno compete in his first Olympics?

American born speed skater, Apolo Ohno competed in his first Olympics in 2002 in Salt Lake City. He won one gold and one silver. He has won eight medals throughout his Olympic career.

Is a Apollo Anton ohno alive?

Apollo Anton Ohno is alive and well and doing Subway commercials.

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