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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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Q: How many medals has Saudi Arabia's team won in the Olympic Games?
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What is Saudi Arabias economic system?


What is Saudi arabias national flower?


How is Saudi Arabias government elected?

the people of the tribe

What is Saudi arabias main religion?

Islam is the main religion of Saudi Arabia.

What is Saudi Arabias country color?

It's green and white.

What is Saudi Arabias voting rights?

im not so sure since its a monarchy

Saudi Arabia Olympic events?

Saudi Arabia sent athletes to the 2008 Olympic Games to compete in Shooting, Equestrian, and Weightlifting.

What is Saudi arabias item of specilization?

Saudi Arabia is the world's largest producer of oil. It is the cornerstone of its economy. The USA is the largest customer of Saudi oil.

Who were Saudi arabias allies?

Saudi Arabia's allies are mainly Islamic and Arab nations, such as Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, and Yemen.

What is Saudi Arabias religious beliefs?

Pfft, Muslim... It's kinda illegal to be any other religion there.

What medals has Saudi Arabia won in the 2004 Olympics?

Saudi Arabia did not win any medals at the 2004 Olympics.

How many times has Saudi Arabia been in the Olympics?

9 times. Saudi Arabia has sent a team to each Summer Olympics since 1972 (except for the 1980 Games). Saudi athletes have won two Olympic medals, both at the 2000 Games in Sydney. 1) Hadj Soua'an Al-Somaily - silver in men's 400 meter hurdles. 2) Khaled Al-Eid - bronze in individual mixed jumping equestrianism.