How many medals does mikel obi has?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: How many medals does mikel obi has?
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How many goes has mikel obi scored altogether for Chelsea?

mikel obi has scored 2 goals altogether for Chelsea

Who is the richest between lil'wayne and John mikel obi?

If you are asking between Rooney and John Mikel Obi, it is Rooney by far.

Who is richest between dbanj and mikel obi?

It is Cesc fabregas the Arsenal captain who is richer.

When was Mikel John Obi born?

Mikel John Obi was born on April 22, 1987.

Who is richer - d'banj or mikel obi?

D'Banj is far richer than Mikel Obi.

How can you reach mikel obi through email?

john mikel obi email address

How many siblings does john mikel obi have?


Is Joel obi and mikel obi related?


Is Joel Obi Mikel Obi's brother?


What is Mikel John Obi's birthday?

Mikel John Obi was born on April 22, 1987.

What position does John Obi Mikel play?

John Obi Mikel plays as a Midfielder for Nigeria.

How old is Jon Obi Mikel?

John Obi Mikel is 26 years old, and he plays for Chelsea.