How many medals does louise sauvage?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: How many medals does louise sauvage?
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How many gold medals has Louise Sauvage won?

22 gold medals 6 silver medals

When was louise sauvage born?

Louise Sauvage was born on September 18, 1973.

What has the author Louise Sauvage written?

Louise Sauvage has written: 'Louise Sauvage' -- subject(s): Athletes, Athletes with disabilities, Biography, Wheelchair track and field, Women athletes

What primary school did louise sauvage go to?

Tuart hill primary school, Perth, western australia

What is the birth name of Camille Sauvage?

Camille Sauvage's birth name is Camille Andre Sauvage.

When did Denis Sauvage die?

Denis Sauvage died in 1587.

When was Denis Sauvage born?

Denis Sauvage was born in 1520.

When did Piat Sauvage die?

Piat Sauvage died in 1818.

When was Piat Sauvage born?

Piat Sauvage was born in 1744.

When was Frédéric Sauvage born?

Frédéric Sauvage was born in 1786.

When did Frédéric Sauvage die?

Frédéric Sauvage died in 1857.

What is Eppe-Sauvage's population?

The population of Eppe-Sauvage is 218.