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you spelt beth tweedle wrong its supposed to be Beth Tweddle! honestly

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Q: How many medals does beth tweedle have?
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Who is the most famous gymnast?

Beth Tweedle :)

Who Is A Great Britin Gymnast?

Beth Tweedle.

How many british gymnasts won medals in London 2012 Olympics?

Well their was the mens team who won bronze. Beth Tweedle won 1 bronze Louis smith won silver along with another gymnast won bronze. So I think their was 4 medals on gymnastics

When was Beth tweedle born?

Beth Tweddle was born on April 1, 1985 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How did Beth Tweedle become a gymnast?

she wanted to do athletic work so she trided out

How many medals has Beth Tweddle won altogether?


How many medals has Beth Tweddle won in her life?


Is Beth Tweedle going to take part in the Olympic Games in Beijing?

bum hole

Does Beth tweedle have a boyfriend?

Daniel purvis a Olympic gymnast trains at the YMCA gymnastics club

What was Beth Tweedle's worst injury?

I think it is somthing to do with her feet, she has had severs and has to train on a soft tumble due to problems with her feet.

How many Olympic medals has Beth tweddle won altogether?

hallo i likea u do u likea me

Is Beth Tweedle taking part in the olympic games in Beijing?

Yes. You can visit her website here ( for more information on her competitions in Beijing.