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She won 2 ... a gold medal in downhill and a bronze medal in Super G.

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Gold and Silver

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Q: How many medals did Lindsey Vonn win in the 2010 Olympics?
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How many medals did Lindsey Vonn get in the 2018 Olympics?

Lindsey Vonn got one medal in the 2018 Winter Olympics in women's downhill alpine skiing.

In the Olympics Lindsey vonn does what sport?

Lindsey Vonn Ski's

What did Lindsey Vonn win in?

Lindsey Vonn won in the olympics.

Did Lindsey Vonn win four Olympic gold medals in skiing?

No. Lindsey Vonn won one Olympic gold medal in skiing. She won it in the downhill at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.At those same Olympics, Vonn also won a bronze medal in the Super- G.

Why did Lindsey Vonn withdraw from the Sochi Olympics?

Lindsey Vonn withdrew from the Sochi Olympics because her knee is not physically up to the demand of downhill skiing at the level needed for the Olympics.

Where were Lindsey Vonn's previous Olympics?

In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

How manygold medals did the us women win in the winter?

In the 2010 winter Olympics, 2 US women won gold medals: - Lindsey Vonn won the gold for Women's Downhill in Alpine Skiing - Hannah Kearney won gold for Women's Moguls in Freestyle Skiing

Was Linsey Vonn in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Yes. Lindsey won a gold medal in women's downhill skiing and a bronze in Super G at the 2010 Games.

What is the birth name of Lindsey Vonn?

Lindsey Vonn's birth name is Lindsey C. Kildow.

What is Lindsey vonn's middle name?

Lindsey Vonn the skier does not have a middle name!

What is Lindsey Vonn's birthday?

Lindsey Vonn was born on October 18, 1984.

Has Lindsey Vonn gone to Collage?

yes, Lindsey Vonn went to college in fact she went to the university of Missoiri