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Q: How many medals did Jan Zelenzny win at javelin?
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Javelin world records?

The all time javelin throw record is held by Jan Železný who was born in Czechoslovakia. He threw the javelin to the 98.48 mark.

Which city was Jan Zelenzy's record in javelin made?

Jan Zelenzy's world record javelin throw of 98.48 m was thrown in Jena, Germany at the World Track and Field Championships.

How old was Jan zelezny when he set the world record javelin throw?

Jan Zelezny was 28 years old when he set the world record for javelin throw on May 25, 1996 with a distance of 98.48 meters.

Who holds the men's world record in the javelin throw?

The current men's world record in the javelin throw is held by Jan Železný from the Czech Republic. He set the record on May 25, 1996, with a throw of 98.48 meters. Železný is considered one of the greatest javelin throwers of all time.

What is the record for the javelin for the Olympics?

In 1996, Jan Zelezny threw 98.48 meters. That is the world record for the current Javelin size and shape. It has been modified throughout the years and many different records exist with those different javelins.

Who holds the males world record in the javelin throw?

The Who_holds_the_men's_world_record_in_the_javelin_throwworld record in the javelin throw is held by Jan Zelezny of the Czech Republic who threw the javelin 98.48 meters in 1996.Olympic 2012 more: Who_holds_the_men's_world_record_in_the_javelin_throw

World record javelin throw?

The current world record for javelin throw in men's category is 98.48 meters, set by Jan Železný from Czech Republic in 1996. In women's category, the world record is 72.28 meters, set by Barbora Špotáková, also from Czech Republic, in 2008.

What kind of facts can you give me about the Javelin?

The javelin throw is a track and field event where the javelin, a spear about 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) in length, is thrown. Jan Železný is an amazing javelin thrower .In London2012 the male gold medal winner was Keshorn Walcott.The female gold medal winner was Barbora Špotáková. I hope you find this answer helpful !

Has Steve backley won a gold medal before in the Olympics?

No, however, javelin thrower Steve Backley of Great Britain won 2 silver medals (1996, 2000) and 1 bronze medal (1992) in Olympic competition. Backley had the 'misfortune' of competing in the Olympics against Jan Železný of Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic, quite possibly the greatest javelin thrower in history, who won the gold medal in 1992, 1996, and 2000.

Who is the current olympic record holder for men's javelin after 1 April 1986?

As of May 2014, Jan _elezn_ is still the current Olympic record holder for the men's javelin. He became the record holder in April 1986.

Who holds current Olympic record for men's javelin?

Jan Zelezny . Say Thank U!!

How long has Jan Zelezny played at the Olympics?

Jan Zelezny has participated in 5 Olympic Games and won 4 medals. He currently holds the world record in the javelin throw at 98.48 meters (323 feet, 1 inch) set in 1996 and the Olympic record at 90.17 meters (295 feet, 10 inches) set at the 2000 Games in Sydney. Olympic Competition: 1988 - Silver 1992 - Gold 1996 - Gold 2000 - Gold 2004 - 9th place