How many medals did Iwan Thomas have?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: How many medals did Iwan Thomas have?
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When was Iwan Thomas born?

Iwan Thomas was born in 1974.

What schools did Iwan Thomas go to?

he went to 540 schools.

Who holds the men's British record for 400 meters flat?

Iwan Thomas of Newham and Essex Beagles and Wales, his time is 44.36s.

Who was the 1998 commonwealth games men's 400m hurdles champion?

Iwan Thomas - Wales

What actors and actresses appeared in Herr Iwan - 1965?

The cast of Herr Iwan - 1965 includes: Lutz Franzke as Kurtchen Arthur Jopp as Herr Stumpe Alexej Plesnizow Wolfgang Werthmann as Thomas

When was Iwan Edwards born?

Iwan Edwards was born in 1937.

When did Iwan Pylypow die?

Iwan Pylypow died in 1936.

When was Iwan Pylypow born?

Iwan Pylypow was born in 1859.

When did Iwan Babij die?

Iwan Babij died in 1934.

When did Iwan Tyszkiewicz die?

Iwan Tyszkiewicz died in 1611.

When was Iwan B born?

Iwan B was born in 1984.

When did Iwan Bloch die?

Iwan Bloch died in 1922.