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The USA win 9 Gold 13 Silver and 7 Bronze for 29 Medals in Track and Field

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Q: How many medal did us take in track n field at 2012 Olympics?
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What medal did usain bolt win for 2012 track and field Olympics?


How many track sports are in the 2012 Olympics?

15, not including the decathlon which has track and field sports.

Did Phelps made his 22nd medal in the 2012 olympics?

yes he did get his 22nd medal in the 2012 olympics.

Did gemma flynn win anything in the 2012 olympics?

New Zealand lost to Great Britain for the Field Hockey Bronze Medal

How many golds did Victoria pendleton win in the 2012 Olympics?

She won a Gold Medal for the Keirin and a Silver Medal for the Sprint Cycling Events at the 2012 Olympics

Who is Chris Hoy?

A cycling track sprinting speciallist 400m he won 3 gold medals at the Olympics in 2008 and hopes for another medal in the year 2012 where the Olympics will be helded at London, Britain .

Who are the people taking part in the 2012 Olympics?

Summer Games,Track & Field Athletes,Shooting,Archers and Athletes of these types of

Who was the very first person to win a gold medal in the Olympics?

latvian cyclist won the first medal in olympics 2012

What do the winners win if they win the 2012 Olympics?

a medal

Did black sticks won any medals in the Olympics 2012?

No New Zealand lost to Great Britain for the Field Hockey Bronze Medal

Who was the first country to get a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics?

your internet is stupid and that i ment in the first game in the 2012 olympics

What sports are there in the olympics 2012?

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