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Infinite runs can be taken on a ball by running till it is in the field(not gone over the boundary).

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12 runs No ball 6 + ball played for Bowling no ball again 6

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The most runs that a batsman can score in one shot is six, achieved by hitting the ball over the boundary without making contact with the ground.

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Q: How many maximum runs can a batsman get in one no ball?
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What does a bats mans score in cricket?

1.By striking the ball and running between the Wickets until a fielder returns the ball. 2. Strike the ball along the ground past the Boundaries - 4 runs. 3.Strike the ball over the boundaries [in the air] - 6 runs Illegal deliveries: wides and no-balls result in runs which are not credited to the batsman. Runs taken when the batsman has not struck the ball or have struck the ball with his body(instead of the bat) are called byes and legbyes and are not credited to the batsman.

Which batsman has scored maximum runs in whole world?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored maximum runs in the whole world.

If the striking batsman hits the ball and runs arriving to the non striking batsman's crease but the non striking batsman never leaves his crease who is out if the striker wicket is hit by the ball?

it is the striking batsman who ran

Which batsman scored the maximum runs in IPL 2009?

Adam gilchrist

Which batsman has scored the maximum runs in the world cup carier?


Why only run out is allowed in no ball?

because the batsman can't cheat by running to many runs as possible

Can a batsman score eight runs in cricket at a time?

Nope -the maximum runs awarded is six.

What does batsman have to do to score six runs?

To hit a six, the batsman must hit the cricket ball over the boundry rope without the ball touching the ground.

Is it out if a batsman holds the ball with his hand during the play?

Of course yes. Without seeing the ball, the batsman cannot hit it with his bat and score runs for his team. The longer a batsman stays on the pitch, his visibility of the cricket ball improves.

What is a duck in cricket?

A duck in cricket is when a batsman goes into bat, scores no runs, and is then out again. A golden duck is when a batsman is out on their first ball, and a diamond duck is when an opening batsman is out on the first ball of the match.

In cricket during the over through ball reached the boundary batsman runs three runs what will the judgment?

It's four if it reaches the boundary - even if the batsman has run.

If batsman hit a ball and go for a 1 run and if in return the fielder overthrows the ball and the ball hit the helmet on the ground how much runs will be counted will be it is 5 or 6 and will this run?

there will only b a penalty run for the batsman . so he gets 2 runs