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228 matches were played between them out of which real Madrid won 92 and Barcelona 88.

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Q: How many matches played between real Madrid and Barcelona?
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How many wins between Real Madrid and Barcelona?

They played 228 matches out of which real Madrid won 92 and Barcelona won 88.

How many games played between Barcelona and real Madrid?


Did Mark Hughes played in Madrid v Barcelona?

Mark Hughes is a former professional soccer player from Wales. He played for Barcelona from 1986 to 1988 and appeared in 28 matches from Barcelona side. He did play in Madrid vs Barcelona competitions during that period. He is currently the manager of Stoke City team.

When is the match Barcelona vs real Madrid 2011?

The first match between Real Madrid and Barcelona was played at the Bernebaue It is called The El Classico The Classic.Barcelona won it 2-0.

How many matches are left to be played in la-liga 2012?

15 games are left! Real Madrid being 10 points ahead of Barcelona.

Has Real Madrid ever beat Liverpool?

Real Madrid won 2 out of 5 matches played between these two clubs.

When is the cope del rey this year in soccer?

The Copa Del Rey was played between Barcelona and Real Madrid, Real Madrid beat Barcelona by one goal. on 20/4/2011.

What was the score in the Barcelona vs real Madrid match 2010?

During the two El Classicos or The Classic played between Barcelona and real Madrid in 2010. Are as follows In the first game played at The Nou camp Barcelona won 1-0, and in the second game at the Bernabaue Barcelona won the game 2-0.

Why did Barcelona played with real Madrid?

Because it is El Classico

Samuel eto marches for real Madrid?

Samuel Etoo played for Barcelona and not for Real Madrid.

Has casillas played for Barcelona in his career?

No he has played for Real Madrid since 1999.

Which Intermilan player played for real Madrid?

The Brazilian Renaldo played for Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona as well.

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