How many matches messi has played for barcelona?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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He has been a Barcelona player from the start.

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He played for the Newl old boys when he was very little. At the age of 10 he moved to Barcelona, by 11 he had is professional contract with Barcelona with a release and wage clause.

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Q: How many matches messi has played for barcelona?
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How many matches between real Madrid and Barcelona?

228 matches were played between them out of which real Madrid won 92 and Barcelona 88.

How many goals messi scores this year?

Messi has scored 47 goals this season in all competitions for Barcelona..

How many scores has Messi all time for barca?

Since his first season with Barcelona (04-05), he has played nearly 220 matches, has scored 134 goals so far as well as 55 assists.

How many seasons has Lionel Messi played for Barcelona?

It is six or seven seasons.

How many goals does messi have in his career so far?

Messi has scored 173 goals in his career so far. 158 at club level. 15 for his country, Argentina.

How many goals has messi scored for barca?

Messi has scored 176 goals for Barcelona.

How many wins between Real Madrid and Barcelona?

They played 228 matches out of which real Madrid won 92 and Barcelona won 88.

How many times has Barcelona beaten Chelsea?

probably 6 no clue how many matches they have played.

How many goals did messi scried?

Messi has scored 136 goals for Barcelona excluding the friendlies.

How many hat tricks does lional messi have for Barcelona?


How many years has Messi been playing for-Barcelona?


How many hat trick has messi scored for Barcelona?