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Q: How many matches has Roger Federer had undefeated?
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Roger Federer has won 5 Wimbledon titles in a row He has won first second third and fourth round matches plus quarter-finals semi-finals and finals in this run How many matches has he had undefeated?

The matches that you had told that he won!

How many matches has Roger Federer lost?

Federer has lost 157 Singles Matches and 72 Doubles Matches.

How many games did Roger Federer win in 2008?

Do you mean matches or games?

How many tennis singles matches has Roger Federer won?

Two ... in 1962 and 1969. He won 11 Grand Slam singles events in total. He also won the Australian Open Men's Singles title in 1960 and the Wimbledon Men's Singles title in 1961 and 1968. He also won 6 grand slam doubles titles.

How many Roger Federer questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 60 questions about Roger Federer on WikiAnswers.

Is Roger Federer in the final?

Roger Federer has been to many finals, but as of September 6th 2009, he has not yet made it to the US Open Finals.

Who won many tennis titles?

Roger Federer