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Q: How many matches did indaia win in 1979 worldcup?
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How many World Cup matches will India host in the 2011 cricket worldcup?

India hosted 29 matches across eight venues, including the final and one semi-final; Sri Lanka hosted 12 matches at three venues.

How many times has Pakistan reached the worldcup?

Pakistan reached worldcup for thee times.

How many FIFA worldcup won by Brazil?


How many times has japan won the worldcup?


How many times has Brazil hoasted the worldcup?

One on 1950

How many goals has messi scored in 2006 fifa worldcup?


How many times had Portugal won football Worldcup?

They have never won the World Cup.

How many times did Spain won the worldcup?

Spain has won the world cup once

How many time has Brazil won soccer worldcup?

5 times in world cup

How many times icc worldcup held in Bangladesh before 2011?

3 times

How many teams qualified for fifa 2010 worldcup?

32 teams have qualified this year

How many times Pakistan reaches cricket worldcup final?

It was in 1992.