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The formula to work this out is n x (n-1) where nis the number of clubs.

So n = 20 therefore...

n x (n-1) = 20 x (20-1) = 20 x 19 = 360.

360 games are played per season in the Premier League.

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Q: How many matches are in a season of the Premier League?
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How many premier league matches does Manchester united play in a season?

Every team plays 38 matches a season in the Barclay's premier league for every team. Teams will play cup matches and fixtures also but they are not counted as official premier league matches

How many match will a team play in a premier league?

How many matches does one team in Barclay's premier league play in a season.

There are how many matches in Barclays Premier League?

There are 38 Barclay Premier League matches

How many matches are played in the premier league?

38 games are played each season

How many matches in the barclays premier league?

Each team plays 38 matches. A total of 380 matches are played in a season.

How many matches are in English premier league?

Each club plays 38 matches in one season but all the clubs altogether in one season play 380 matches

How many games are remaining in premier league season?

how many games are remaining in premier league this season

How many matches did Anelka play this EPL?

Nicolas Anelka played 37 matches this season in the premier league and scored 19 goals and asisted 7 goals for Chelsea ..

How Many matches are played in the season?

Simply n x (n-1) where n= number of teams in the league. So = 380 for Premier League where there are 20 teams.

How many goals has robin van persie scored this season?

Robin Van Persie has scored 26 goals in premier league matches.

How many games per team in premier league?

There are 20 teams playing a home and away game against every team making 38 Premier league matches a season. On top of this there is also Carling Cup and FA Cup matches aswell as European matches (Champions League and UEFA cup) for those teams who qualify

How many games played in season?

38 in a Premier League Season

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