How many matches India played t20?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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India payed 9 matches in world cup 2011,6 in league matches,1 quarter final,1 semi final and a final.

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Q: How many matches India played t20?
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How many t20 matches are played won and lost by India?

2 times

How many t20 matches will be played in India's sri lanka tour?

only 1

Which captain played the most matches in his T20 career?

The player who has played the most Twenty20 matches as captain of his team, as of June 2012, is MS Dhoni, who has played a total of 119 Twenty20 matches for Chennai Super Kings, India, and the Indians.

How many t20 international matches Shoaib Akhtar played during his career?

Shoaib Akhtar played 15 national matches and 20 international matches during his career.

In which countries are T20 cricket matches played?

England is one of the major countries.Other countries where T20 is played include:Sri LankaPakistan

How many matches did sachin play in t20?

He has played only 1 20-20 match. He scored 10 runs in it.

Where to watch West Indies vs India match live for free? you can watch all international matches(and even ipl t20 matches)

Whom did India played their 1st T20 match?


How many t20 matchs played by sachin?

Sachin Tendulkar has won 62 Man of the Match awards in 453 matches (as of 4 April, 2011)

How many times has Pakistan beaten India in all world cup matches?

126, of which Pakistan has won 72 while India has won 50 (4 have been no result, 0 ties).

Is India selected for super 8?

Yes, but it lost to West Indies and England in the super 8 matches to be out from the T20 world cup.

How many cups win India in cricket?

totally 10 match played....he won 7 and draw 3......