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It is a rare incident. I remember only one match.

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Q: How many matches India lost when virat kohli scored century?
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How many matches has India won the match then virat kohli scord a century?

11 out of 13 century ...

Which new comer scored century in his world cup debut for india?

Virat Kohli

Who scored 10 odi centuries in least number of matches?

Virat Kohli

How many fours are scored by virat kohli in tests?

He is a famous cricketer. He got 352 Fours in tests.

Who scored a 'Century' in the India vs Pakistan match of the ICC World Cup 2015?

virat kohli scored the only century of the match against pakistan scoring 107 of 126 balls later he was also awarded man of the match for his century knock

How many centuries has Virat Kohli made in Test Cricket?

Virat Kohli has scored 27 Test centuries in his career playing for India.

How many runs virat kohli scored in the calendar year 2011?

1000+ in 26 matches (oct 2011)

How many sixes are scored by virat kohli in tests?

He is a classy player. He got 352 fours in tests.

Who is the highest run scorer in 2012?

Presently the highest run scorer in 2012 is Kumar Sangakara of Sri Lanka with 741 runs in 19 matches. He is follwed by Virat Kohli of India who has scored 730 runs off 11 matches.

How many sixes are scored by virat kohli in ODI?

He can hit big shots. He got 69 sixes in odi matches.

Is virat kohli is the present captain of team India?

He is a young cricketer. He is the captain for tests.

How many times Pakistan beaten India in all world cup matches?

india and pakistan have met 7 times in th icc world cup and all the 7 times indians have been victorious having a 100% victory record against their rivals. the last met in th 2015 world cup on 15th feburary and India won the match again under MS dhoni ,virat kohli scored a century in that

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