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Q: How many master titles has Roger Federer won?
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How many titles did Roger Federer win?

61 titles

Who won many tennis titles?

Roger Federer

How many singles titles did tennis pro Roger Federer win in the 2005 season?


How many Grand Slam events has Roger Federer now won?

He has now won 15 titles, which is a record.

How many grand slams are won by Roget federal?

Roger Federer has 17 career grand slam titles.

How many grand slams did Ruger Federer win?

Roger Federer currently holds 16 Grand Slam titles, the most collected by a men's singles player to date.

How many Roger Federer questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 60 questions about Roger Federer on WikiAnswers.

How many grand slams have Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal won altogether?

According to Wikipedia (refer to the links, below), as of May 29, 2009, Rafael Nadal has won six Grand Slam titles, and Roger Federer has won thirteen.

What is roger federer's full name?

Fed-ex,(Federer Express as in he delivers results you want) R-Fed,(His name abbreviated) Raja,(Means Kings) King Federer,(As in he's the king of tennis) Roger Betterer,(As in he's better than the rest and it's a play on his name) Swiss Maestro,(Maestro is Italian for master. He is Swiss and many say he plays like a master.) and Darth Federer(From when he wore his all black get-up and seemed like he was ready to destroy competition).

Is Roger Federer in the final?

Roger Federer has been to many finals, but as of September 6th 2009, he has not yet made it to the US Open Finals.

How many matches has Roger Federer had undefeated?


How many records does Roger Federer holds?