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2, Manchester United and Manchester City, both play in the Barclay's Premier League.

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Q: How many manchester's are there?
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What is manchesters population?


Who was manchesters united captain during the 1996 and 1997 season?

Eric Cantona

What is Manchesters football team called?

It has two; Manchester United Manchester City

What is the biggest venue in Manchester?

The answer is Manchesters MEN(which stands for MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS) it is huge and i have been there. many pop concerts and other events are held there.

Can you buy jack wills at the trafford centre?

Sadly, no. The nearest one to the trafford centre is in manchesters city center

What is the best soccer team in the history?

Well it depends on which year. In the olden days, Liverpool was the best, but now the Manchesters.

Where can you get a Jesus bracelets from?

Blackpool,in the little stalls.Erm Manchesters Aflex palace,which is a goth/emo shop.You may be able to get them on Ebay. :)

What was Manchesters population in 1900?

population in manchester was 1,458,000 citizens in 1900. because more people from the countryside moved into the cities.

The best teams should be the manchesters Worst team should be west ham?

it depends on your point of view some might disagree

What was Manchesters function?

It was (and technically still is) used for factories etc. I imagine that the majority of Manchester was industrial back then, so I think it was originally for an industrial function.

What is Manchester Piccadilly according to online sources?

Manchester Piccadilly is a train station that is located in Manchester, England. It is Manchesters busiest station, used by over 18 million customers annually.

How many miles is Manchester from New York?

There are a lot of Manchesters in the world, all at differing mileages from New York. Manchester, England to New York, US is 3,334 miles. If you mean a different Manchester, please ask a different question with more specifics.

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