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The number will be very large as Alex Ferguson has been at Manchester United for 22, twentytwo years.

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Q: How many managers have been sacked from the old first division and premiership since Alex Ferguson became Man Utd manager?
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Who is longest serving premiership manager?

alex Ferguson

What premiership managers get paid?

All of the Premier League manager get paid.

What England managers have won the Premier League?

No English manager has won the Premiership

Which premiership football manager has been with their prsent club the longest?

Sir alex ferguson

Who are the 9 premiership players with same surname as a premiership manager?

Hughes, ferguson, redknapp, Bruce, keane, Lee , brown, o neill, jones

How many soccer managers' sons have become soccer managers?

sir alex ferguson...the current manager of Manchester united football club

Name the six managers who have picked their sons to play in the Premiership?

I have thought of five, Ferguson,Rednapp,Clough, Bond,Bruce. Not sure if Frank Lampard was ever officially a manager. paul daglish

Who was the last English manager to win the first division before the premiership?

Howard Wilkinson Leeds Utd

Who did kennydalgleish win premiership medal with?

I know he won the Premiership (or the First Division as it was known then) as a player at Liverpool , and I think he may have won it as a manager at Liverpool too

Premiership managers with the surname beginning with the letter k?

I know only one. Joe Kinnear, who was Newcastle United Manager this year

Managers who have played under sir Alex Ferguson that are managing in England now?

Mark Hughes manager of Blackburn Roy Keane manager of Suderland AFC

Who after Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger which current premiership manager has been in their job the longest?

David Moyes, in charge at Everton since March 2002.

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