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Q: How many major league baseball players have tested positive for banned substances?
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How many White Sox players were banned from baseball?

8 White Sox players were banned from baseball.

Did baseball players in the George Mitchell report get banned from baseball?

Nobody got banned forever but many players were suspended for a good period of time.

Why did Alex Rodriguez take banned substances?

Alex Rodriguez took banned substances, with the hope that they would enhance his performance on the baseball field. Banned substances will make a player stronger and inflate his statistic productivity. They also allow a player to heal more quickly.

Which group was banned in 1867 from being part of the national association of baseball players?

The blacks

What time was the Mitchell Report released?

The Mitchell Report, detailing the use of banned substances by major league baseball players, was released at 2:00 pm Eastern on Thursday, December 13, 2007.

Are tennis players subjected to drugs testing prior to or during major tournaments and is the use of steroids permitted?

Steroids are banned substances on the ATP and WTA tours. Players are subject to random testing.

What are the banned substances for division II sports?

In addition to all illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc.), Division II banned substances are identical to Division I and Division III banned substances, as the NCAA makes no distinction between divisions for banned substances. A complete list is available at

Should baseball players or other professional athletes who have taken steroids be banned from a Hall of Fame or have to return awards they have earned?


How do players get in the Major League Baseball 08 the show?

In order for players to be playable players in "MLB 08 The Show," they must have played at least 1 game in the previous Major League Baseball season and they cannot be 1 of the players that are known as "replacement players" meaning players who played during the 1995 season while there was a Baseball strike ongoing, this is because the replacement players are banned from entering into the Players' Association which means they cannot be in any games that are under license with Major League Baseball and the Players' Association.

What sport has the most banned players?


Should baseball players be banned from the hall of fame for taking steroids?

IMO, yes they cheated so they should not even be considered.

Can you get banned from Xbox live?

Yes,you will get banned if you insulting and swearing at all the players on the game party.

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