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Q: How many major golf tournaments are there in a year?
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How many USGA golf tournaments in a year?


Which of the four major golf tournaments is played at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta GA every year?

The Masters

How many PGA golf Tournaments are there a year?


How many tournaments does a golf pro play on average a year?


What is a Major in golf?

A major is one of the bigger tournaments of the year. There is The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship, and The PGA Championship.

Is it a year or an year?

The generic usage is "a year""There are four major tennis tournaments a year.

How many tournaments would you have played to win the grand slam of golf?

The Grand Slam in golf is all 4 men's professional major championships in one year. That is The Masters, US Open, The Open and PGA Championship. So 4, but the main problem is getting into The Masters, it has an elite field of less than 100 players, therefore you would need to play a lot of tournaments to get into it.

What amateur won 4 major golf tournaments in the same year?

Bobby Jones won the US Open, US Amateur, British Open and British Amateur all in 1930.

What is a golf exemption?

Based on performances from other tournaments or the performance of last years tournament you get in the tournament for that year for free or for a discount.

What are the major tournaments for poker players to look out for?

There are many major tournaments for poker players both online and live. The biggest live tournament is the World Series of Poker which is held every year in Las Vegas. Online the biggest tournament is the Pokerstars Sunday Millions.

How many tournaments did Tiger Woods win this year?


What is the last major of the year in PGA golf?


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