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372 home runs while batting left-handed.

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Q: How many lifetime homers did New York Yankee Mickey Mantle hit as a lefty?
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How many home runs did Mickey Mantle hit to left center and or center field in the old Yankee Stadium?

20 homers

How many home runs at Yankee Stadium did Mickey Mantle hit?

I don't know how many were at Yankee Stadium, but he hit 536 career homers, 373 left handed and 173 right handed.Mickey Mantle hit 266 home runs at Yankees Stadium I.

Which New York Yankee hit his 500th career home run in 1965?

The only players to hit their 500th homers as members of the Yankees were Babe Ruth (in 1929), Mickey Mantle (in 1967) and Alex Rodriguez (in 2007).

What is Mickey Mantle's batting average versus Bob Feller?

He hit .365 (173 for 474) with 34 homers.

How many grand slams did Mickey Mantle hit?

Mickey hit nine career grand slam homers and one World Series grand slam

Who holds the record for homers in all World Series games?

Mickey Mantle holds the record for career World Series home runs with 18.

7 in the Yankee's?

If you are asking who was #7 for the New York Yankees, then Mickey Mantle is your answer. The Yankees retired his number in 1967. Matle was a great hitter, with a .298 batting average, 536 home runs, and 1,509 RBI's. Some historians say Mantle would have hade more homers and RBI's if not for a accident while playing baseball for the Yankees.

How many homers did mantle hit from each side?

During his major-league career (1951-1968), Mickey Mantle hit 536 home runs -- 372 left handed and 164 right handed.

Who had more career home runs than Mickey Mantle at the time of his retirement?

When Mickey Mantle retired at the end of the 1968 season, he had 536 career home runs. At the time, only Babe Ruth (714) and Willie Mays (579) had more in their MLB career homers. Hank Aaron had 510 at that point, and easily moved past Mantle the next season.

What stadium has the most homers hit in 2009 season?

The new Yankee stadium

Who has hit 5 home runs as a Yankee and a red sock at Yankee stadium?

Can't help if you mean who hit only 5 homers at Yankee Statium as both a Yankee and BoSox player. I am probably reading too much into the question you posed. So, how about Johnny Damon? He played for both teams and hit about 60 homers at Yankee Stadium for the BoSos and the Yankees.

Who hit the most lifetime homers as a second baseman?

Robinson Cano

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