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Mickey Mantle had 8,102 career at-bats.

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Q: How many lifetime at bats did Mickey Mantle have?
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How many at-bats did Mickey Mantle have in the postseason?

Mickey Mantle had 230 postseason (World Series) at bats.

How many RBIs does Mickey Mantle have?

Mickey Mantle ended his career with 1,509 RBIs.

How many home runs did mickey mantle finish with?

Mickey Mantle has 536 career home runs.

How many lifetime homers did New York Yankee Mickey Mantle hit as a lefty?

372 home runs while batting left-handed.

How many Home runs did Mickey Mantle hit in 1966?

Mickey Mantle hit 23 Homeruns in 1966.

Did Mickey Mantle ever play a full season?

Yes, Mickey Mantle played a full MLB season on many occasions.

How many doubles and triples did Mickey Mantle hit?

During his career, Mickey Mantle hit 344 doubles and 72 triples.

How many career strikeouts did Mickey Mantle have?

During the regular season Mantle had 1710

Who was the New York Yankees best center fielder?

Well, there can be many ''bests,'' but most people say that Mickey Mantle was the best.

How many home runs did Mickey Mantle hit in 1955?

Mickey Mantle hit 37 home runs in 1955 for the New York Yankees.

How many triples did Mickey Mantle hit in his life?


How many at bats did Mickey Tettleton have in his career?

Mickey Tettleton had 4,698 at bats in his career.