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Q: How many length of pad in cricket match?
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What is pad in cricket?

The 'Pad' in Cricket, is the protective object placed on from just above your foot to above your knee. When a ball hits the pad in from of the wicket this is known as LBW (Leg Before Wicket) which means, Your out!

What are cricket pad made from?

leather with a plastic lining.

What is a bat-pad?

A bat-pad is a fielding position in cricket very close to the batsman, or a fielder in this position.

If the bowl hits the arm pad in cricket is it out or not out?

No, it is only glove and bat.

What brand did tendulkar use for bat?

Morrant ultralite cricket pad :)

What brand did tendulkar use for batting pads?

Morrant ultralite cricket pad :)

What part of your body must the ball not strike in order to be out in cricket?

Down the knee or the pad on the leg

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