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8 Laps

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Q: How many length is 800 meters swimming in the olympics?
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How many meters are in an olympic size pool?

Swimming in the Olympics is a summer event. In competitive swimming summer is long course season. A long course pool is 50 meters in length. A short course pool is 25 yards or meters.

How many meters is a length in a swimming pool?

A normal swimming pool is 25meters, an olympic pool is 50 meters.

How many meters is the length of a swimming pool?

Depends on the size of the pool. An Olympic size pool is 50 meters in length.

How many meters is 1 length?

In normal swimming pools One Length = 25meters Two Length = 50meters Four Lengths = 100 meters

How many length make 100 meters in a swimming pool?

4 lengths

How many meters in a swimming length?

Depends on the pool: usually 25 or 50 metres.

How many centimeters are ther in the swimming pool at the olympics?

The length of an olympic pool is 50 metres. As there are 100 centimetres in every metre, means an olympic swimming pool is 5000 cms in length.

How many lengths of an Olympic swimming pool equals 3 meters?

One length of an Olympic sized pool is 50 meters.

How many events are there in free stylein swimming competition?

Freestyle event distances in the Olympics are: 50 meters 100 meters 200 meters 400 meters 800 meters (women only) 1,500 meters (men only)

How many types of swimming is there in the Olympics?

There are only two types of swimming: speed and synchronized. Both are in the Olympics.

How many lenghts must you swim in a olympic size swiiming pool to equal for 1500 meters?

An Olympic-class swimming pool is 50 meters long. Twice across is 100m, so swimming 1500 meters requires swimming the length of the pool 30 times.

What is the standard swimming pool length for lap swimming?

Length of a Lap PoolA common lap of a pool is 50 meters internationally. Swimming competitions are generally held in 50m pools. Many colleges or well equipped facilities have pools that are 50 meters.A lap can be either 25 meters or 50 meters. In the Olympics and major National events they swim 'long course' events which means the pool is 50 meters in length. However, there are still short course swim meets like 'Fina' and the pool is only 25 meters.In America there are also lots of yard pools both in 25 yard length (short course) and 50 yard length (long course) varieties

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