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1 mile is 1,609.344m

In 1,600m there is 64 lengths so it is about 64 and a bit. <3 swimming.

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Q: How many lenghts make a mile in a 25meter swimming pool?
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How many laps in swimming makes a mile?

25meter pool = 64 lengths or 20meter pool = 80 lenghts

How many laps is 400 meters in 50-meter Olympic-size competition swimming pool?

4 lenghts

How many laps of a 25meter pool covers 1.5kilometers?


How many lengths must you swim in a 15 meter pool to swim one mile?

124 lenghts ia 1 mile in a 15 meter swimming pool.

How many lenghts must you swim in a olympic size swiiming pool to equal for 1500 meters?

An Olympic-class swimming pool is 50 meters long. Twice across is 100m, so swimming 1500 meters requires swimming the length of the pool 30 times.

How many miles is 100 laps in a 25 meter pool?

2500 m = 1.55342 mi actually 100laps in a 25meter pool = 5000 meters. = 3.10684 mi. lap = 2 lengths (25meter)

How many lenghts is a mile in a 23m swimming pool?

A 23 meter pool is equal to a 25 yard pool. In a swim race, the mile is 66 laps. An actual mile is 68 laps. Its weird.

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How many lenghts must you swim in a 30 meter pool to swim 1 mile?

1 Mile = 1609.27 Meters 1609.27 / 30 = 54 Single Lengths So 27 Return Laps Happy Swimming

How many times do you have to swim in a 25meter pool to go 1 mile?

A mile is 1600m. So you would need to do 64 lengths to have done 1 mile.See related link below for Swimming Question and Answers

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How many lenghts is 5k in a 25m pool?

If you mean 5 kilometers, it is 200 lengths.

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You cannot convert weights to lenghts. To get an answer, we need a lot more parameters.

How many length make 100 meters in a swimming pool?

4 lengths

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How many lenghts must you swim in a 25 meter pool to swim 1 mile?

A mile is 1600m. So you would need to do 64 lengths to have done 1 mile.www.FloatingFlipper.comSwimming Q&A

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