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none he picked all english based players

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2013-08-04 05:10:23
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Q: How many league of Ireland players were capped by jack charlton?
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Most capped player for leeds united?

The most capped player for Leeds in the league was Jack Charlton who made 629 appearances between 1952 - 1973 and the record for most capped in all competitions is shared between Jack Charlton and Billy Bremner.

Who are current league players whose surname begins with i?

It isStephen Ireland.

7 players who played in both the Merseyside and Manchester derbies who have also won the Champions League?

Pele Moore giggs charlton

What is the League of Ireland like?

The League of Ireland is the main soccer league in the Republic of Ireland. The standard is not very high because the league is small and it does not have much money and the high quality players move to other leagues in other countries. Lots of people play soccer in Ireland, but attendances at League of Ireland matches is not huge, less than other sports in Ireland. Other soccer leagues outside of Ireland get more attention by the Irish media and people than the League of Ireland does.

What happened to the Manchester United players in 1959?

In 1959 the Manchester United Players net with a air crash in Munich, when returning from Belgrade after a champion League match, Sir Bobby Charlton was a few to escape.

Do you think that Charlton Athletic will go down to league 1?

no i think that charlton will stay in the championship

How is the basketball competition in Ireland and how much are players making?

It is a solid league called the SuperLeague, not sure how much players make any ideas?

Which player has won the world cup and champions league?

Three players come to my mind, Thierry Henry and Fabian Barthez of France and Sir Bobby Charlton England.

Who are the 9 premier league players to have scored for 3 London clubs?

Paul Konchesky - Charlton,West Ham,Fulham Les Ferdinand - Spurs, West ham, QPR Carlton Cole - Charlton, Chelsea, West Ham Ben Thatcher - Wimbledon, charlton, spurs Hermann Hreidarsson - Charlton, Wimbledon, Palace John Hartson - arsenal, west ham and Wimbledon

Who is England's most capped rugby league player?


Will leeds utd win league 1?

No Charlton Athletic ;)

When was League of Ireland created?

League of Ireland was created in 1921.

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