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i think that it is 19

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Q: How many league cups have alex Ferguson won with Manchester united?
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How many premiere league titles did Sir Alex Ferguson win with Manchester United?

Manchester United won 13 Premier League titles under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Did Manchester United be relegated with Sir Alex Ferguson?

No, Manchester United did not get relegated under Sir Alex Ferguson. The lowest league position achieved under Ferguson was 13th (out of 20) in the 1989/90 season.

The best coach in barclays premier league?

Alex Ferguson of Manchester United

How many premier league has alex Ferguson won with Manchester united?


When did Sir Alex Ferguson joined Manchester united?

Sir Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United on early November 1986.

How many times have Manchester united been in the champions league under Alex Ferguson?


Which football club did alex Ferguson manage before Manchester United?

Which football club did alex ferguson manage before manchester united?

Who is the oldest premier league manager?

alex Ferguson . Manchester united born 31st December 1941

How many times have Manchester united played in champions league with Alex Ferguson as manager?

19 time s alex furgen has managed united in the champo leauge m8

Why is Alex Ferguson sir?

Alex Ferguson was knighted in 1999 for his services to football, after his team, Manchester United, won an unprecedented Treble of Premiership, FA Cup and Champions League.

Who made Manchester united?

sir Alex Ferguson made Manchester united

Who is the Manchester united coach?

Manchester United's coach is the scotsman Sir Alex Ferguson

Who is the general manager of Manchester united?

The current Manchester United manager is Sir Alex Ferguson.

Who is the manager of the football team Manchester United?

the Manchester united manager is sir Alex Ferguson

Who is the coach for manchester united?

sir alex ferguson!

Who is the current manager of Manchester United?

Alex Ferguson

Who is the manger of Manchester United?

Sir Alex Ferguson

Who is chicharito's manager?

At Manchester United it is Alex Ferguson.

Who is the best premier league manager?

This is a matter of opinion but on credentials alone Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United) is by far the best.

What was the deal called by Alex ferguson when Peter Schmeichel joined manchester united in 1991?

Bargain of the century was the name that Alex Ferguson referred to the deal when Peter Schmeichel joined Manchester United in 1991.

How long as alex Ferguson been manager at manutd?

Alex Ferguson become manager of Manchester United in November 1986.

Who was Manchester united manager before sir Alex Ferguson?

The manager before Sir Alex Ferguson was Ron Atkinson. :)

How many years was Sir Alex Ferguson the manager of Manchester United?

Ferguson has completed 23 years , this will be his 24th year at Manchester United, he joined in 1986.

What is name of Manchester united's manager?

Sir Alex Ferguson

Who is Manchester United's current coach?

Sir Alex Ferguson.