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One lap is a quarter mile. This means that four laps equals one mile, which means that four miles equals sixteen laps. It is very easy to count how many miles different laps equal for - you just need to multiply the amount of miles by four and you get the amount of laps.

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2014-12-18 14:47:34
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Q: How many laps you take to walk 4 miles?
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How many laps does it take to walk 3.4 mile?


How many laps is it to walk 1.7miles?

That depends on the length of your "lap." The normal lap in US high schools and colleges is a quarter mile long. In this case, it would take you just under 7 laps to reach 1.7 miles.

How many laps is 5 miles?

Laps around/in WHAT? A "standard" track, of the kind used in high school track and field events, is usually 440 yards (0.25 miles) around.

A track is three fouth miles how many times around do you have to walk to make two miles?

3/4 mile track. 3/4 mile X 2 laps = 1 and 1/2 miles 3/4 mile X 3 laps = 2 and 1/4 miles For 2 exact miles you need to walk 2 and 2/3 laps of the track. However, may I suggest just walking the 2 and 1/4 miles (3 laps) to keep life simple?

How many miles does it take someone to walk from dewitt Clinton school to Chinatown?

how many miles does it take someone to walk from dewitt clinton elemantary to chinatown

How many miles does it take to walk from Boston to New York?

about 220 miles.

How many miles in an oval outdoor field track in lane 6 if you walk around 20 times?

5 miles four laps is equal to 1 mile 20/4=5

How do you use math when you walk?

by you saying how steps you take in a day or like how many miles you walk .

How many hours will it take to walk 10 miles?

At a pace of 4 miles an hour, it will take 2.5 hours.

How many minutes does it take to walk 880 miles?

That depends on how fast you walk. However, based on an average of 20 minutes for a mile, it would take 17,600 minutes to walk 880 miles.

How many laps on a three fourths of a mile track equals a mile?

One and a third laps. One lap will be 3/4 of a mile. A third of a lap (1/3 X 3/4 ) is 1/4 of a mile. 3/4 of a mile + 1/4 of a mile = 1 mile

How many minutes would it take to walk 6 miles?


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