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4 Times around equals 1600 metres and a mile is 1609 metres.

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4 (standard track)

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4 times

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Q: How many laps on the track are 1 mile?
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How many laps in a mile?

1 mile is equal to 4 laps of a standard 1/4 mile track.

How many laps do you have to do on a 0.8 mile track to equal one mile?

1 mile/0.8 mile = 1.25 laps.

How many laps around a track which size is 0.125 will make a mile?

8 laps = 1 mile

How many laps around a track make a mile?

A Lap is 400m and a mile is 1609.3m so basically 4 laps is a mile.

How many lap around a track 1 mile?

On official size tracks, the answer is 4 laps make a mile when your jogging 4 laps make a mile

How many lap on a track equals 1 mile?

if the track is 1/10th of a mile, you would have to make ten laps to equal one mile. you would have make 5 laps to make half a mile. So 10 laps plus 5 laps equals 15 laps.

How many laps on a track that takes 14 laps for a mile is 300 meters?

Use 1 mile = 1,609.344 meters14 x ( 300/1,609.344 ) = 2.61 laps

How many times around the track will equal a mile an a half?

A standard running track is 400 meters, so 2 laps is practically half a mile, and 4 laps is 9 meters shy of one mile. (1 mile = 1,609.344 meters)

Do 1 lap equal a mile?

On a normal track, 4 laps is 1 mile.

How many laps in 700 meters?

It depends on what you are lapping. On a normal 1/4 mile track, it would be 1 and 3/4 laps.

How many laps around the USC track is a mile?

"USC has a regulation sized track. I.E. the track is 400m long. a mile is 1500m therefore it would be 3.8/3.9 laps to equal 1 mile." A mile is 1609.344 meters, thus requiring you to run/walk 9.344 meters more than 4 laps

How many laps would make a mile if the track was 0.6?

each lap is .25 miles, so 1.6 miles would be a little over between 6.25 and 6.50 laps.