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88 laps

found by 60 feet per lap, and 5280 feet per mile, so 5280/60=88.

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Q: How many laps makes a mile when swimming in a 60 foot length pool?
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How many laps makes a mile when swimming in a 20 foot by 40 foot pool?

Swimming the 40 foot lengths, it would be 5280/40 or 132. Swimming the 20 foot lengths would be twice that. if you make "circles" around the pool one lap equals 40+20+40+20=120 ft 5280/120 = 44 laps

How many laps swimming is 1000 meters?

1000m / length of lap in metres = number of laps. You need to specify the lap length. If, for example the length is 25m, then 1000/25 = 40 laps.

How many length is 800 meters swimming in the olympics?

8 Laps

How many calories does 22 swimming laps burn?

Depends on the length of the lap

How many laps are in a .75k swim?

.75k = 820.209974 yards. If you are swimming a 25 yard pool: A lap (technically defined as ONE length of a pool not two): 32.8 laps is the answer. So if you're swimming a sprint tri, swim 33 laps.

What is eight laps in swimming?

Eight Laps, or a 200

How many swimming laps is 2000 yards?

The correct term is length but there are 60 lengths in a 2000 free

In swimming how far is 300 yards?

It depends on the length of the pool. If you are swimming in a 25 yard pool, 300 yards would equal to 12 laps.

How many laps equal a mile in a 20' X 40' swimming pool?

5280 feet in a mile divided by 40 feet length of pool 132 laps

What is the length of a regulation swimming pool?

50 meters but people use usually 25 yards to swim laps.

How many laps is 150 yards in swimming?

6 laps

How many laps does it take to swim a mile in a 36 foot pool?

1 mile = 5280 feet 1 lap = 36 feet (1 lap = 1 length) 5280 / 36 = 146.66 laps This would seem a poor choice of pool to use for lap swimming.

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