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about 66 in a 25 yard pool

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Q: How many laps is equal to swimming 1.5k?
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How many laps around the track is a 15K?

A standard outdoor track is 400m per lap therefore 15,000m would be 15000/400 = 37.5 laps.

How many miles does 15K equal?

15 kilometers = 9.321 miles

How many miles is a 15K race?

A 5K is 3.1 miles, so I think a 15K would be 9.3.....

How many miles in 15k marathon?

A 15k marathon is just 15 kilometers, or roughly 9.3 miles.

15k is how many miles?

9.3 miles

How many miles is 15K?

9.32 miles

How many pounds is 15k?

33.0693393 so about 33 pounds.

How far is 15k in miles?

One kilometer is equal to approximately 0.62 miles. Therefore, 15 kilometers is equal to about 9.32 miles. One mile equals about 1.61 kilometers.

How many gallons in a swimming pool?

width X height X the average of the depth X 7.5 just to give you an idea most pools in Florida are 10k - 15k gal (inground) above ground just use square pi's :-)

How many miles are there in 15k run?

9.3 (9.32057) miles.

How much is 15k in dollars?

$15,000. k is equal to one-thousand.

Will I be able to 15k?

With appropriate training, you may be able to run a 15K.

How many miles in 15k?

Miles is the imperial unit of measuring distances. Kilometers or meters is the metric unit. 1 mile is 1.6093 km. So to convert km to miles, we divide by 1.6093. The corresponding distance in miles is 9.314

What does k mean added to a number such as 15k?

It means kilo which is 1000 and 15k is 15*1000 = 15000

How many 75K resistors must be put in parallel to provide a total resistance of 15K?


What does 15k mean in computers?

15k simply means 15,000, 15Kbps would be 15,000 bits per second

15k in miles?

9.3 miles

Is 49k miles on a 2007 Sebring too many miles?

Most leasing companies allow between 12k and 15k miles/year. The value will drop quicker when you go over the average number of miles per year (12k-15k).

How would you evaluate 15k when k equals 3?

Therefore 15k is 15 times 3 = 45

What quantity is 15k?


What is the greatest common factor of 18k and 15k?

The greatest common factor of 18k and 15k is 3k.

How many people die a year because of war?

There are about 15K people died per year in war drug.

What is the gcf of 10jk and 15k?


How long is a 15K?

9.3 miles

How much is copper roofing?