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In an olypic swimming pool it is 20,000 laps in a kids pool it is 40,000 laps. Hope I answered your question xx

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Q: How many laps in a pool is 1 million meters?
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How many laps do you need to swim to make a kilometer?

it depends on the length of the pool. if the pool is 25 meters, you have to swim 40 laps. For 50 meters, 20 laps. For 100 m, 10 laps. For 200 meters, 5 laps.

How many laps is 150 meters in a pool?

1 lap in a pool that is 150 metres long!

How many laps is 200m?

it depends on the pool size but for a 25m pool then it would be 8 laps

How many laps to get 1000 meters in a 25 yard pool?

Basically 44 lengths of the pool will slightly exceed 1000 meters. There are 1094 yards (rounded) in 1000 meters. 1094/25 = 44 laps (rounded)

How many laps in a pool to swim 62 mile?

4787.2 laps if the pool is 25 yards long. And 4377.4157 laps if the pool is 25 meters long...

How many laps of the Olympic pool is the 400 meter freestyle?

The length of an Olympic pool is 50 meters. One lap is 100 meters so 400 meters would equal 4 laps.

How many swim laps 1300 meters?

52 laps in a 25-meter per lap pool.

How many laps do you swim in a 350m race?

well it depends what size pool. if its a 50 or 25 meters which most lap pools are 25 meters so if you do the math it comes out to 18 laps

In the Olympics how many laps is 100 meters?

depends on the pool 25m pool 4 laps 50m 2 laps

How many laps is 750 meters in a pool?

It depends on the length of the pool. The most common pool sizes built today are either 25 meters and 50 meters (olympic size) thus 750 meters will be 30 laps (or lengths) in the former and 15 laps in the latter

How many laps is 500 meters in a 75 foot pool?

22 lengths

How many laps in a 25 yard pool equals 300 meters?