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One lap or length of an Olympic sized swimming pool is 50 meters. That is about 10% longer than 50 yards.

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Q: How many laps in a olympic size pool is 50 yards?
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Related questions

How many laps in a olympic pool equals 300 yards?

In an Olympic Pool, 300 yards would be 6 laps.

How many laps in an Olympic pool equals 200 yards?

Approximately 4 laps

How many laps make up a mile in an Olympic sized pool?

It's easy to calculate how many laps to a mile. Just ask someone who's working there if the pool is 100 meters or 100 yards. One lap is always down and back. If the pool is in yards it's almost 9 laps, if its meters it's closer to 8 laps. Happy swimming!

How many laps in a pool equal 1650 yards?

In a standard yard pool, 25 yards, it takes 66 laps.

How many laps are one mile in an olympic size pool?

32 in a 50metere (Olympic pool)

How many laps in a olympic pool equals 500 yards?

I, being a Water Safety Survival Instructor Trainer, would swim 4.5 laps if it was a timed event. Because 9 lengths are going to be a little less than 8 yards to short. 5 laps giving you 10 lengths will put you swimming 546.81 yards. So that is what this JARHEAD would advise. An Olympic size pool is 50m (54.68 yards) long so 9.14 laps would equal 500yards.

How many laps is 200 freestyle?

200 freestyle in Short Course meters and yards is 8 laps 200 freestyle in Long Course Meters (Olympic size pool) is 4 laps

How many laps is 25 yards?

In a standard pool for competitive swimming, it would only be one lap. In an Olympic sized pool, it would be half of one lap.

How many laps in an Olympic size pool equal one mile?

16 laps or 32 lengths if you were in a 50 meter Olympic size pool.

How many pool laps in a triathelon?

How many laps in a Triathlon, depends on the distance of the race. Most "sprint" triathlons have a swim that is 500 yards or 750 yards. In a 25 yard pool, that is 20 to 30 laps. Most other triathlons are open water swims, ranging from 1.5Km for Olympic distance events up to 3.8Km for what is commonly referred to as Ironman distance.

How many laps are one mile in an olympic sized pool?

32 laps

How many laps in a olympic pool equals 500 meters?

Olympic pools are 50m, so 10 laps.

How many laps in a 30ft pool equal 400 yards?

20 laps.

How many laps is 500 in yard pool?

500 yards is 20 laps

How many laps to get 1000 yards in a 25 meter pool?

40 laps.

How many laps in a 25 yard pool is 5000 yards?

5000 / 25 = 200 laps

How many laps is 500yds in a swimming pool?

Assuming a 25 yards long pool, 10 laps (20 lengths of the pool).

How many laps of the Olympic pool is the 400 meter freestyle?

An Olympic pool is 50 metres long. So 400m would require 8 laps.

How many laps in an olympic pool is a mile?

Someone said: "72 laps. In a regulation sized pool (25m) of course." But I think it's 72 laps in a 25 yard pool, and 66 laps in a 25 meter pool.

How many laps in 800 meter olympic pool?

An Olympic pool is 50 long therefore 800m is 16 lengths

How many yards are in an Olympic-sized pool?

There is 164 feet in an olympic-sized pool. That is 55 yards.

How many laps is 500 meters?

It depends on which pool you swim in. If it is a 25m pool then it will take 20 laps to finish but if it is in a 50 meter pool, which is Olympic size, it will be 10 laps to do 500 meters.

How many laps in a yard pool equals a mile?

1 mile = 1760 yards 25 yards in a lap pool 1760/25=70.4 laps in a mile

How many laps to swim 500 yards in 50 meter pool?

20 Laps

How many yards in an olympic size pool?

An Olympic swimming pool is about 55 yards long and 27 yards wide. There are 10 lanes in an official pool.