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On a 440 yard track, 16. On a 400 meter track, 16.1

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How many laps equals 4 miles?

16 laps on a quarter mile track.

How many miles is in 8 laps of a track?

Two. Because 4 laps is one mile.

How many laps must a person run around a quarter track to run 9 and a half miles?

38 laps exactly! Each mile has 4 quarters, thus: > 9 miles have 9 × 4 = 36 laps > a half mile has ½ × 4 = 2 laps for a total of 38 laps

How many laps you take to walk 4 miles?

One lap is a quarter mile. This means that four laps equals one mile, which means that four miles equals sixteen laps. It is very easy to count how many miles different laps equal for - you just need to multiply the amount of miles by four and you get the amount of laps.

How many miles does eight laps equal to walking on a half mile track?

8 times .5 = 4, eight laps multiplied by .5 miles equales 4 miles in total.

2 laps on a treadmill is how many miles?

It's about a half mile. 4 laps in considered 1 mile.

You ran 20 laps how many miles is that?

Most high school tracks are 1/4 mile. 20 laps would be 5 miles.

How many miles equals twelve laps around a high school track?

4 laps equal 1 mile

How many laps in 5 miles?

This would depend on what distance your laps are. If you are running around a standard track around a football field, then you would have to run 20 laps to equal 5 miles. (4 laps = 1 mile).

If 2 laps equals 3 miles how many laps wil it take too traval 5o miles?

19 laps

How many miles is 44 laps in a pool?

Well, 36 laps is 1 mile so 44 laps is 1.45 miles.

How many laps around a running track equals 1.5mile?

Six laps are equal to 1.5 miles.

How many laps would you have to run in order to run three and a half miles?

On a standard olympic track 4 laps is one mile, so about 12-14 laps.

How many laps is the 3000M?

Well if my laps you mean around a normal high school track then it's 7.5 laps. A little over 1 3/4 miles.

Does 10 laps around 3.5 acres equal 2 miles?

on a regular track 4 laps is 1 mile and 8 laps is two miles that is your answer

How many laps on track equal 25 miles?

it depends on if its an oficial size track. if its an official olympic sized track it will be 100 laps. 4 laps equals 1 mile so 4 times 25 would be 100 laps

How many laps is 067 miles?

about 2 and a three quarters laps.

How many laps around a track equals 1.4 miles?

a little under 6 laps... 6 laps would be 1.5 miles

How many miles in 30 laps?

nine miles

How many miles in 16 laps?

Four miles.

How many miles are in 8 laps?

2 miles

How many laps equal 2 miles?

how long are the laps? how long are the laps? if it is a normal High School track, then 8 laps

How many laps is the olympic 1600 meter run?

4 laps of 400m (about 4 laps of 1/4 mile)

How many laps around a track to equal 3.1 miles?

12.4 laps.

How many laps for 1.5 k?

4 laps