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Around a track that is 400m around to run 1.5 miles you would have to run 6 laps. 4 laps is one mile.
Since 400 meters is a little over 8 feet short of a quarter mile, you would actually have to go about 50 feet past the 6 lap mark for a more precise mile and a half.

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Q: How many laps around a track would a runner run for 1.5 miles?
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How many laps around a track would equal 2.4 miles?

depends on the size of the track

How many laps around a track would equal 26 miles?


How many miles around a high school track would equal a mile?

If the track is 1/4 mile, four times = 1 mile

How many miles is 6 laps around the outer most lane of a running track?

If you are referring to a standard track, no. 4 laps would equal 1 mile. 6 laps would equal 1.5 miles.

A runner runs 8 miles in 92 minutes. What is the runner's unit rate?

They would be running 7.5 mph.

Who would win a race between a runner with more speed or a runner with more stamina?

Depends. Is it a distance run? Or a fast run? If it is distance, the stamina runner would win. If it was a track, then the speed runner would win.

How far is 12 laps on a running track?

well. good question. a mile is four times around a professional track. so i would conclude that 36 times around that track would be equal to a mile. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think a one-twelfth track means one lap is a twelfth of a mile hence 12 laps would be a mile.

Why won't the planets line up?

I assume you mean all of the planets to align in one straight line. This would be extremely unlikely, since the movement of the individual planets is more or less independent of one another. Also, the planets are not all exactly in the same plane. ================================= Put nine runners at the starting line of a typical oval track. They take their marks, they get set, they're all in line across the track, and when the starter fires his pistol, the nine runners all explode off the blocks simultaneously. The runners have a vastly diverse range of abilities. The time it takes each one to circle the track is nowhere near the time it takes any of the others: Runner #1 takes 88 days to circle the track. Runner #2 takes 225 days to circle the track. Runner #3 takes 365 days to circle the track. Runner #4 takes 687 days to circle the track. Runner #5 takes 11.9 years to circle the track. Runner #6 takes 29.5 years to circle the track. Runner #7 takes 84.3 years to circle the track. Runner #8 takes 164.8 years to circle the track. Runner #9 takes 248 years to circle the track. How often do you think it would happen that all of them would line up across the same part of the track again, all at the same time ?

A track team ran 4 miles in 36 minutes what is the number of minutes it would take the track team to run 20 miles?

It would take the team three hours to run 20 miles.

How many laps around a track that is 0.125 will make a mile?

If you are saying that the track is .125 of a mile, then it would be a 200 meter track. In that case, eight laps around the track would be a mile.

If a track were 500 meters around how many laps would a runner take to run 2 kilometers?

4 laps a kilometer=1000 meters 2*1000=2000 meters/500=4

How many miles is 12 laps?

In countries where Imperial measures prevail some athletics tracks are 440 yards (i.e. 1/4 mile) for one lap. So 12 laps would be, um... 3 miles?