How many languages speak samir nasri?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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Samir Nasri can speak English and French

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Q: How many languages speak samir nasri?
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How many languages can speak samir nasri?

Franch and English

How many goals did Samir Nasri score for Olympique de Marseille?

Samir Nasri scored 12 goals for Olympique de Marseille.

How many years does he have samir elnasri in France?

Samir Nasri was born on June 26, 1987. Link goes to detailed article about him.

How many sister does Samir Nasri have?

1 her names Sonia he has 2 twin brothers and is the oldest sibling

How many goals has nasri scored for man city?

Samir Nasri has scored the following goals for Manchester City:2 league goals.1 cup goal.0 goals in Europe.

How many goals has Samir Nasri scored for Manchester City?

As of February 22, 2012, Samir Nasri has scored two goals in the Premier League and one in the FA Cup for Manchester City.

How many people in arsenal is Muslim?

i know samir nasri,abu diaby, and apparentl robin van persi are muslim.not sure about the rest or new signings

What religion is samir nasri who plays for arsenal?

Answer 1Yes, he is.Nasri's parents moved to France from Algeria. His father is from Constantine a native of Biskara. Nasri grew up in La Gavotte Peyret, a northern suburb of Marseille. He often played on the streets, where he learned many of his skills. He allegedly used to play for the local "gang team". His parents signed him up to the football club Pennes Mirabeau at the age of six. He spent two seasons at Pennes before being scouted by Olympique de Marseille in 1996.Answer 2yes Samir Nasri is Muslim you can see him praying in Muslim before a match also he is from an Algerian descent and he is Arab just like me!! also people think he isn't Muslim because he isn't fasting but give credit to the guy he only doesn't fast because he plays professional soccer... anyways his not the only soccer player that doesn't fast all of em like ribery,abidal,diarra,ibrohanovich and moreAnswer 3yes i have seen him pray like a Muslim on many occasions, so yes he is a MuslimAnswer 4His name is Arabic , originally from Algeria, lives with his french girl friend sharing a house together since 2008. So if he is, he's not practicing.

How many languages did Douglas MacArthur speak?

How many languages did general Douglas MacArthur speak?

How many languages do you speak if you are bilingual?

If the person is bilingual, then that person can speak, write and research in two languages. A multilingual person can speak as many languages that he/she has learned.

How many languages can neil arksey speak and which?

He can speak 43 different languages! he is AMAZING!

How many languages can Victoria Justice speak?

she can speak 2 languages spanish and english