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Q: How many lages are in the book breakaway goal by alex Morgan?
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What is the setting for the book breakaway?

hollywood, CA

Is there a Alex Ovechkin book?

Yes, there is a book about Alex Ovechkin.

Will the Next Alex Rider book That is about Yassen the assasion have Alex Rider in it?

No, in the last book Scorpia Rising Anthony told us that he would make a book about Yassen not Alex.

What does the eighth Alex Rider book look like?

There is not an 8th Alex Rider book! There is only: Stormbreaker (book 1) Point Blanc (book 2) Skeleton Key (book 3) Eagle Strike (book 4) Scorpia (book 5) Ark Angel (book 6) Snakehead (book 7) Alex Rider: Mission Files Alex Rider: Gadgets

What is the 8th Alex Rider book called?

The 8th Alex Rider book is called Crocodile Tears.

When will the eighth Alex Rider book come out specifically?

it unsure whether he will write an eighth book for alex rider.

What quote appears in every Alex Rider book?

Alex rider

When does book 9 come out in the Alex Rider series?

I don't think there will be an Alex Rider book nine. There hasn't been a book out for a while :s

When did the ninth Alex Rider book come out?

The 9th Alex Rider book - Scorpia Rising - was released in April 2011.

Will there be a tenth alex rider book?

Yes, but it will be the last book:(

What is the first Alex Rider book?

the first book is stormbreaker

Who is the author of book The Hundred?

Kass Morgan is the author of the book The Hundred