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Steven Gerrard has two little girls and 20 little boys

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1 brother called paul

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2 & he's married to a super-model

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2 daughters

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Q: How many kids have steven Gerrard got?
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How many children has Steven Gerrard got?

Steven Gerrard has 2 daughters - Lilly Ella and Lexie

How many caps has steven gerrard got for england?

100 capd

How many appearances has steven Gerrard got for Liverpool?

steaven Gerrard has scored 201 goals in England and Liverpool

How many kids has Gerrard got?

He has two daughters.

How old was Steven Gerrard when he got spotted by Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard was a 14 year old boy at that time.

Who is best English premiership player?

=It has got to be Steven Gerrard=

Has Steven Gerrard got a 16 year old pregnant?

No he has not done that.

Has steven Gerrard got many red cards?

He's definitely never been sent off for England.

What is steven gerrard's sisters name?

hasn't got any. got a brother named paul

Who is better at football Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?

easily frank lampard because steven Gerrard got in a punch up and nearly killed a disjokey boo hiss

How many red cards has steven Gerrard had?

he has got no red cards in Liverpool fc actually he has once i think

Has steven Gerrard got a kid?

yes he has 2 children liliy-ela and lexie.