How many kids does ronaldihno have?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: How many kids does ronaldihno have?
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How old is Ronaldihno?


How do you spell ronaldihno's first name?


Who does ronaldihno play for?

AC Milan in Italy

Is Ronaldihno better than Messi?

Ronaldihno was the star of Barcelona for 3 years, 2004-2006. For 3 seasons FC Barcelona was Ronaldihno's magic show, but during his last 2 seasons in the club, something happened and Ronaldihno was no longer the fantastic player he once was. Some say it was because of women and partying, others say he simply burned out. The new coach, Josep Guardiola, felt that changes needed to be made and star players like Deco and Ronaldihno had to leave. Messi was heartbroken by the decision. When everyone was convinced that Messi is the best in the world, he would still insist that honour remained with Ronaldihno.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo better than ronaldihno?

Yes he is statistically

What team is ronaldihno playing for?

A.C. Milan (Italy) Serie A

How long has ronaldihno been playing soccer?

Ronaldihno has been playing soccer since 1998 in the year 1999 he joined F.C.B . He has played soccer for 8 years till now.

Is ronaldihno still playing soccer?

Yes he is, for Academica, in the Brazilian league.

When did ronaldihno become a professional soccer player?

He became a pro footballer in 1998.

How much does Ronaldihno earn per month?

he gets paid 23 million euros a YEAR

What was the object that Brazilian player Ronaldihno donated for charity during World Cup 2006?

His Hair.

Is Ronaldihno better than Kaka?

well kaka is a fantasic player but ronaldiniho is much better honest